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Riot Games' shooter saw the light of day just 3 years ago, but today the game has become the main competitor of CS:GO and its future continuation CS 2. To not miss important information related to Valorant, it is worth following our platform – users have access to a variety of Valorant statistics in an online format. On the site, you can find information about professional teams, including changes in club rosters and events on the esports scene. Thanks to its popularity among fans and regular support from Riot Games, Valorant attracts hundreds of thousands of new players every day. Large tournaments and events are regularly held, and the number of professional teams will soon reach a thousand. So that all connoisseurs of the project do not need to follow dozens of different sources and search the web for bits of information, we offer to use our portal, which acts as a Valorant statistics tracker.

News and announcements on

Our editorial team continuously monitors a large number of resources, starting from official Riot Games sources, social networks of professional players and organizations, ending with accounts of famous insiders and data miners. All so that readers receive fresh information in the shortest possible time. We also cooperate with many famous Valorant esports players, which is why interesting interviews are published on our website, and readers will be the first to find out if any of the professionals decide to change their flag in favor of another team. All of the above can be viewed in the news section.

Tournaments and statistics on

An integral part of any esports discipline is tournament competitions and Valorant is no exception. Dozens of events are held annually both by the developers from Riot Games and various partners. To view all the relevant information about events on the professional scene, just go to the Valorant tournaments section, where readers can see past, current, and future events and add them to their calendar.

If you are more interested in bare statistics for specific players, go to the Valorant players section. It contains all the necessary information about Valorant professionals. You can check the current KD value, number of clutches, average combat score, number of maps played, future and past matches, basic information, and news related to the player who has interested you. We also have Valorant leaderboards available where readers can see which player is in the top spot.

By becoming a reader of our site, you will not only be able to receive all fresh information about Valorant, but you will also help the development of the Ukrainian game community.

How does the Valorant tracker work?

The tracker collects and records data on Valorant match results in the professional scene from various online resources. Afterward, all the data is grouped and made available on our site, where anyone interested can find everything they're curious about in just a few clicks.

Where can I view real-time Valorant statistics?

All necessary Valorant statistics are available on the site, updated in real-time. Readers can find information about professional players, teams, completed and upcoming tournaments.

What does Valorant statistics include?

Valorant statistics encompass all data from the game that can be collected and analyzed. This can include the number of professional players, their KDA values, the number of maps they have played and their win rate on them, tournaments won, comparisons with other players, a list of matches played with a breakdown into wins and losses. All this and much more is available on the website.

What is the most important statistic in Valorant?

The most important statistic is a subjective concept and differs for everyone. Fans of professional players want to know the KDA value of their favorites, their favorite weapons, and characters. Readers who engage in betting are interested in learning the win percentage on different maps for various teams. Regular players follow the statistics of heroes and weapons, their strong sides that they can learn thanks to guides and news. All of the above is available on our website.

How do you verify Valorant statistics?

Statistics on are collected from all over the Internet. We have data from such well-known resources as and liquipedia, which we verify and, in case of discrepancies, correct on our site.

Is Valorant statistics free?

Yes, all game statistics are completely free and available to anyone interested. However, to avoid monitoring a large number of online resources, we suggest using our website, which has everything you need.

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