Kassad About Device: "Smart Player, Superstar, And He Doesn't Play For a Year. What a Nonsense?"

Caster and CS: GO team coach Alexander kassad Trifunovich are perplexed by the fact that Nikolay device Reedtz has not been playing on the professional stage for seven months. He spoke about this on Twitter.

How incomprehensible is the fact that the NIPs do not say anything about the device for so long, casually pretending that nothing is happening? He's 26 years old, still in prime form, an intelligent player, a superstar, and hasn't played for a year. What kind of nonsense?
Alexander kassad Trifunovych

Device moved to Ninjas in Pajamas from Astralis in April 2021. Since the end of the same year, Reedtz has been inactive with the Swedish organization. As a result, the future of the esportsman remains a mystery.

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