CS:GO features players had to say goodbye in CS2

CS:GO features players had to say goodbye in CS2

The official release of Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner, and the era of CS:GO is slowly fading into the past. In this article, Bo3.gg offers a look back at CS:GO features that definitely won't be in CS2.


In CS:GO, there was a system of skyboxes, invisible textures located above the map, off which grenades would bounce. Over time, players refined their grenade throwing skills using this system. However, CS2 doesn’t have skyboxes. This means many grenade throws, especially at the start of rounds, will stop working. But this change will open up new tactical opportunities since you can now throw grenades across the entire map. This will pave the way for various new strategies on each map.

Tick Rate 128

In CS:GO, the server periodically updates information, referred to as tick rate. The higher the tick rate, the more accurate data processing becomes. If the tick rate is low, events can be missed, like a shot might not be counted because the server can't process the info in time. In CS:GO, Valve's servers use a tick rate of 64, but some prefer to play on platforms like FACEIT, where the tick rate is set to 128.

However, in CS2, the developers didn't simply increase the tick rate to 128 as many expected. Instead, they introduced a new system that allows the server to instantly respond to gamer actions. This makes the game much more accurate and fair since the server registers every player action without delay. In the latest update for CS2, developers also banned changing the tick rate. Consequently, platforms like FACEIT are forced to use the new subtick system, just like on official Valve servers.

Sniper Rifle Fix

Minor but significant changes were made to sniper rifles. Firstly, you can't just hold the right mouse button to activate the double zoom anymore. Secondly, when you shoot, a clear trajectory appears, similar to bullet tracers. This change makes snipers more noticeable on the battlefield, and Valve might be hoping to reduce the importance of this role and elevate the roles of other players.

Left Hand

Many professional players, as well as casual gamers in CS:GO, often change their hand position during the game. This is done so that large weapon models don't obstruct the view when playing in certain positions. Despite much dissatisfaction in the community about not being able to change hand positions, Valve remains silent on this issue, and this command may never appear in CS2.


Some of the features from this list will indeed be missed by players in CS2, but every change is for the best. Gamers adapt quickly to new conditions and soon nobody will even remember the old features.

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