ZywOo, BOROS, and nawwk - Who made it to the dream team of the BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023?

ZywOo, BOROS, and nawwk - Who made it to the dream team of the BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023?

The final CS:GO Major came to an end, and the MVP medal rightfully went to ZywOo from Vitality. However, throughout the BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023, there were esports players who rarely made headlines but managed to surprise us. Some of them have made it to our dream team of the Paris Major according to Cover.gg.

Support - CadiaN


Once again, cadiaN makes it to the dream team as the best support player. Despite being a sniper and the captain of Heroic, he takes on the tremendous responsibility. His team finished in 3rd-4th place in the BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023, but he excelled in blinding grenade assists (0.080), with high Molotov damage (1.80) and HE grenade damage (5.46) per round.

Entry - BOROS


Despite being eliminated in the first match of the playoffs stage, Monte attracted a lot of attention, not only in Ukraine but also in the international CS:GO community. BOROS played a significant role in the Ukrainian team's success in various online tournaments and achieving a respectable result in the Paris Major. He became the best entry fragger of the entire event with a first kill percentage of 0.200 and a headshot percentage of 61.4%. Only ropz and juanflatroo had equally precise headshots in the tournament. Rumor has it that other organizations are already showing interest in signing BOROS. Only the future will tell if Monte can retain such a talented player in their lineup.

Sniper - acoR


GamerLegion's dedicated sniper, acoR, has been missing out on shining throughout most of his career. He has only achieved one victory at a major event, specifically Flashpoint Season 1, when he was part of MAD Lions. Securing the second place at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 is a commendable result, even though it's not first place. Among the teams that made it to the playoffs, he had the highest number of kills with the AWP, with a final statistic of 0.376.


Clutcher - nawwk


It is highly likely that NIP regrets kicking nawwk in 2021 because in this major, he achieved a 3rd-4th place with Apeks, while his old team failed to make it to the playoffs. Throughout the competition, he proved himself as an excellent clutcher, winning 11 situations: six 1v1, three 1v2, and two 1v3. The only remaining question is whether Apeks and nawwk can establish themselves among the top 10 teams in the world.

Star - ZywOo


Admit it, it would have been quite disappointing if ZywOo, one of the best players in CS:GO history, hadn't become the champion of the major. Fortunately, that didn't happen, and Mathieu not only won the coveted title but did so in his homeland with an impressive overall rating of 7.0. There was simply no one comparable to him at the BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023.


23-year-old Romanian player Ivan iM Mihai received special mention. His performance throughout the entire event not only saved GamerLegion from elimination in the Challengers stage but also helped his team reach the final. In the last BO3 series, he was the best in his team, although not on the server, as ZywOo surpassed him in the race for the MVP title. The rating difference was small, with ZywOo at 7.0 and iM at 6.9. It's not over for Mihai yet, as he has attracted the attention of many organizations, and there is a high chance that some tier-1 club would want to sign him.


The BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 was the last major for CS:GO, and the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 will be held for CS2. The championship took place from May 8th to May 21st, featuring 24 teams competing for a prize pool of $1.25 million. Detailed statistics of the event are available on the tournament's page.