ZywOo and iM topped the list of the five best players of BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023

ZywOo and iM topped the list of the five best players of BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023

The final day of BLAST.tv Major Paris 2023 has passed, and fans have learned the name of the tournament's MVP. But who else stood out throughout the event, consistently delivering high performance? Cover.gg presents the top 5 esports players of the last CS:GO major in history.

5th place: broky - 6.5 rating


FaZe barely made it to the Paris Major, and they almost got eliminated in the Legends stage. Perhaps the team relaxed a bit after winning the Intel Grand Slam, and as a club, they became major champions relatively recently, at the beginning of 2022. This time, the best player of the team was sniper Helvijs broky Saukants, but he only managed to secure the fifth spot in the top.

4th place: YEKINDAR - 6.6


Team Liquid continues to search for the winning formula to eventually claim the first place in future CS2 majors since achieving that in CS:GO is no longer possible. The team finished in 5th-8th place at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, losing to Apeks in the quarterfinals. Mareks YEKINDAR Gaļinskis joined Liquid in the second half of last year, establishing himself as one of the world's best entry fraggers and eventually becoming the team's captain. His fourth-place ranking in the top players of the major is a clear testament to that.


3rd place: NAF - 6.6


25-year-old Keith NAF Markovic is unlikely to compare to his 2019 self when Liquid had their best season in club history, and the Canadian himself earned two MVP medals. Nevertheless, glimpses of his past glory still occur, as he managed to secure the third spot in the players' ranking of BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023.

2nd place: iM - 6.9


Before BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, Ivan iM Mihai was a relatively unknown esports player from Romania who only played for his domestic club, Nexus Gaming, in online tournaments, before becoming the player of GamerLegion. Who could have imagined that not only would he find himself on the big stage but also reach the major final, leading the tournament in ratings and only falling to second place after facing ZywOo in the main match of the event. It is almost guaranteed that many tier-1 organizations will try to acquire this player in hopes of significantly strengthening their roster. Perhaps we have witnessed the birth of a new star in the pro scene, who is awaited by many prestigious championship titles.

1st place: ZywOo - 7.0


The champion of the Major and the leading contender for the title of the best player of the year, Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut, rightfully became the MVP of the home Major and managed to lift the most coveted title for every CS:GO esports player in the last months of the current version of the game. In the six matches at BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, his team did not lose a single one. Of course, every player from Vitality gave their all, but it was ZywOo with a rating of 7.0 who made the biggest contribution to the victory.


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