Rumor: Sdy Is Tested By Monte

Rumor: Sdy Is Tested By Monte

Ukrainian can join Monte.

An insider reported that Viktor sdy Orudjev is being tested by Monte.

Insider Harumi revealed information about sdy being tested by Monte. At the moment, the team consists of:

Who Are Monte?

Last year, Monte clearly showed outstanding performance during the qualifications for the European RMR and at the main event. The team, which no one knew about before the open qualifications, went to RMR for the second time and won one match. The result was different.

Monte also performed well at various tier-2 events and won FRAG Season 10. The team has firmly established itself on the tier-2 scene and is one step away from leadership at this level.

Does Monte Need Sdy?

Monte has already almost reached the lead at tier-2, and the team will definitely not give up on strengthening. Sdy performed for more than half a year at tier-1 and, in addition to a decent individual performance, gained experience at the largest tournaments.

Sdy could help Monte
Sdy could help Monte

Not a single Monte player has a similar experience, and sdy can take the team to a new level. At the same time, the player will definitely not fail in his individual skill because if he coped with the pressure of tier-1. He would definitely be able to show himself on tier-2. Therefore, sdy will definitely boost Monte.


Who Will Be replaced By Sdy?

The most apparent option for replacement is Fessor. At the end of last year, the player was diagnosed with arthritis of the left metatarsal joint, due to which the Dane had to go to the hospital.

Currently, the player is still unable to return to the stage. Therefore, most likely, sdy will replace him. So now Fessor replaces Karol rallen Rodovich.

When comparing the statistics, Fessor looks more successful. Still, sdy and the Dane have been performing at different levels for the last six months. Therefore, it is possible to say with confidence that the Ukrainian will be able to replace Fessor.

Comparison of Fessor and sdy (all tournaments)
Comparison of Fessor and sdy (all tournaments)

Possible composition of Monte:

  • Volodymyr Woro2k Veletniuk
  • Serhiy DemQQ Demchenko
  • Muhammed BOROS Malkhas
  • Szymon kRaSnaL Mrozek
  • Viktor sdy Orujev
  • Aydyn KrizzeN Turlybekov (coach)

When Will You Be Able To See Monte?

It will be possible to see Monte in the updated or old lineup in a couple of days. The team is performing at the European Pro League Season 5 tournament, which has already started.