Magixx: "Our Goal Is to Enjoy the Game"

Spirit player gave some comments after advancing to the group stage of IEM Cologne.

Spirit became one of the first teams in the Play-In IEM Cologne to secure a place in the tournament's group stage. After defeating 00NATION, took a few comments from Boris magixx Vorobyov.

Magixx surprised by the news about degster's departure
Magixx surprised by the news about degster's departure

First, magixx spoke about how he felt after he learned about the departure of Abdul degster Gasanov.

For me, the news was highly unexpected. The team was at the boot camp, and the CEO came to them and announced the news. I wasn't at the boot camp, I was in Moscow, and I got a visa. I found out about it during a telephone conversation. I thought, wow, what the fuck? I wouldn't say I liked it, but we needed to accept it and move on.
Boris magixx Vorobyov

Magixx also spoke about the expectations and goals for the tournament.

Speaking of preparation, we played a lot individually, like before the Major. I won't talk about the goal or the place. I'll just say that our goal is to enjoy the game, play from preparation, and see how deep we go.
Boris magixx Vorobyov

We expect Spirit in the group stage of IEM Cologne.

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