OG Has Frozen the CS:GO Academy Project

OG Has Frozen the CS:GO Academy Project

The European club suspended the academy project.

OG officially announced the suspension of the academy project.

The European club announced this on Twitter.

Since 2023 promises to be a busy year, we've decided to focus on our main lineup and put our CS:GO Academy on break. All players from our academy are now free agents, and we wish them luck in their promising careers.
OG press service

What Will Happen To the OG Academy Players?

In the statement, OG reports that all academy players become free agents. Technically, this is so, but there is one deletion. OG released Alexandru s0und Stefan, Arbnor Dementor Pacolli, and Blagoi oxygeN Dimitrov into free swimming. And the fourth player of the academy was transferred to the primary team of OG. Max MAriX Kugener is listed as a reserve player in the main roster.

MAriX will temporarily remain in OG
MAriX will temporarily remain in OG

Most likely, Marix will not play for OG because even now, the club managers say he is a temporary reserve. However, one of the players in the lineup might miss the tournament. In that case, OG will have an excellent replacement option. MAriX is allowed to consider offers from other clubs.

But it should also not be forgotten that at the beginning of the year, there were rumors that the team was looking for a new rifler. So, perhaps, it is now that the team chooses a player who will remain on the main roster.

Academy coach Christian Crisby Schmitt has been transferred to the position of analyst of the main roster of OG.

What Should the Players Of the Academy Do Now?

All the players who OG released after freezing the academy project joined the youth team in May 2022. They spent more than half a year in the team, which is very little for the players' release. So what should promising young players do now?

OG released the players late, so they quickly needed to find a new club. However, the reshuffle is already ending, and three free agents from the academy appear on the scene. Even if tier-2 clubs wanted to get one of these players, they have already decided on changes and will not consider promising performers.

It will be challenging for former academy players to find a team
It will be challenging for former academy players to find a team

Most likely, all three players will miss the first half of the 2023 season, and the only chance for them will be to quickly assemble their squad so as not to miss six months of their careers.

The trio of former OG academy players will clearly have problems this year.

Reasons For Rejecting the Academy

The main reason the OG disbanded the academy was spending on young players. The organization has been on the professional scene of CS:GO for three years and still has yet to be able to assemble the optimal team to gain a foothold in the top 10 best teams in the world.

Recently, things have improved with the core team, and to improve this result, the organization needs more funds to improve the team. OG is looking for a rifler and plans to buy out someone's contract.

In addition, the primary staff has been strengthened by an analyst, so the level of training will increase.

When Will OG Play?

The 2023 season for OG will begin on January 20. The team will take part in BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. Information about the event is on its page and in our materials.

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