KvaN about G2: "The Roster Is Not Straight Champion. Waiting For Top 4 - 6"

Commentator Fedor KvaN Zakharov shared his opinion about the new roster of G2 Esports. He also commented on the reshuffling of Evil Geniuses.

Jks in G2 is a good acquisition, but again, the line-up is not straight CHAMPIONSHIP. We are waiting for the top 4-6.
New EG roster — after the announcement of 3 rosters of 15 people, there are no questions for them. Experiments continue.

Stewie did not live up to his own captaincy ambitions and poured. Better this way.
Fedor KvaN Zakharov

Earlier it became known that HooXi and jks replaced Aleksib and JACKZ in G2 Esports, at least for the next tournament. You can read more about this in this material. Also, in Evil Geniuses, Stewie2K switched to the role of a streamer. You can get acquainted with the reshuffles in the North American organization here.