Juanflatroo Suspected ECSTATIC Players in use Cheats According to Results of The Game at REPUBLEAGUE S3

Kosovar from Bad News Eagles has his own opinion due to Danish opponents.

Bad News Eagles's player Flatron juanflatroo Halimi questioned the integrity of ECSTATIC after playing a match on a secure server during REPUBLEAGUE S3.

We felt like we were playing against a completely different team on this anti-cheat server. Thank you, REPUBLEAGUE, for making this possible. I think this should give some food for thought to other tier two teams, but this time we won, GG.
Flatron juanflatroo Halimi

After such a statement, ECSTATIC player Dion FASHR Derksen called his opponent's words "cringe," adding that the players should treat each other respectfully in case any pieces of evidence of cheating.

Halimi replied that at least 20 tier two players had previously approached him with similar suspicions about the Danish team.

Later, the tournament organizers joined the discussion, stating that the anti-cheat was used in all matches, including the previous face-to-face meeting between the two teams, where the Bad News Eagles were defeated.

Source: Twitter

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