FaZe send BIG to the Last Chance Stage at Blast Spring Groups

FaZe go to Spring Final.

The last match of the Knockout Stage at Blast Premier Groups Springs have been finished, and the third team to enter Spring Final has been unveiled.

BIG faced FaZe, who managed to take first place in their group winning overtime against Vitality. BIG started the Knockout Stage from the first round and delivered two shocking results in a row.

FaZe are the third team to win the Knockout Stage
FaZe are the third team to win the Knockout Stage

BIG picked Dust 2, and the first half wasn’t fortunate for them. FaZe were pretty confident on the CT side, winning nine rounds out of 15. However, after the sides switched, BIG came back but didn’t manage to finish the game, which led to FaZe winning the map 16-14.

FaZe decided to play Overpass but were absolutely destroyed on their pick. BIG didn’t give any chances to their opponents, winning the game with a score of 16-2.

Nuke was left over, and FaZe got their revenge. European team were winning round after round, not letting BIG acquire confidence. FaZe finished the game 16-1.

FaZe are advancing to Blast Premier Spring Final while BIG are falling to the Last Chance Stage to face Astralis.