FaZe, OG, and ENCE take their first wins at IEM Katowice Play-In

Another three matches of the opening round have been finished.

IEM Katowice 2022 Play-In continues, and another three teams have reached their first victories.

In the second bunch of the matches from the opening round, FaZe encountered Sprout, Entropiq faced ENCE, and OG met Renegades.

FaZe were the first team to finish their game, but it was not easy for them as they had a stand-in in their roster. The European mix fully dominated the first half, but Sprout fought back on the CT side. However, FaZe were way ahead, and it was enough to finish the match with a score of 16-12.

OG experienced the most intense map of the tournament so far
OG experienced the most intense map of the tournament so far

OG overcame Renegades on Mirage, gaining early on the T side. However, Renegades made it to the overtime, but it was not enough to win the map. The game ended 19-16 in favor of the European team.

ENCE struggled on the T side against Entropiq but did an amazing job in the second half, winning the game 16-9.

FaZe are preparing to face MOUZ, while OG and ENCE are awaiting to meet each other. Entropiq, Renegades, and Sprout enter the lower bracket.

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