FaveN: "My Illness Is Going On And On"

FaveN didn't get better before the Roobet Cup Grand Final.

BIG player Josef faveN Baumann has tweeted regarding his health. Due to illness, BIG plays with a substitute in the form of k1to starting the quarterfinals of the Roobet Cup.

My illness is going on and on. The good aspect is that the fever has passed, and the bad - immediately wants to go to the bathroom after eating or drinking. It is almost impossible for me to gain strength from food or drink. I can't even sleep properly because every 10-20 minutes, I get cramps in my stomach. I feel so frustrated, and I don't know what to do about it. I'm literally just laying in my bed thinking about when I will recover and reunite with the guys. I'm pleased that they made it to the grand finals, and thanks k1to that he was on standby 24/7.
Josef faveN Baumann

Today at 8:00 PM BIG will play with FaZe in the grand final of the Roobet Cup. The winner will receive $150,000.

Source: Twitter

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