9z and Bravos start with wins at DH Open 46

9z and Bravos start with wins at DH Open 46

A South American clash.

Dreamhack Open 46 would give a spot for anyone to participate in the ESL Pro League Season 15 conference, so four of the best South American teams decided to take part in the event for a chance to make it to the elite level. 

9z, who have recently become one of the strongest teams in South America and managed to beat Team Vitality during the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, faced off against YNG Sharks, who are looking to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm through the RMR circuit. Back and forth on Mirage, the Brazilian team looked to close the game, as they had a “11-8” lead, but a solid stretch by the Argentinian squad allowed them to snatch it away, “16-12”. Same story occured on Nuke as well, as teams were tied right until the final few rounds, where 9z pulled away, “16-11” for a “2-0” series win. On the other side of the bracket, two Brazilian squads, Bravos Gaming and Paqueta clashed for a yet another time. Dust2, despite Bravos’s best efforts to come back, ended with Paqueta winning in the overtime, “19-16”, but Nuke quickly equalized the situation with a “16-3” score going the other way. Overpass looked to be the same, as Bravos Gaming led “11-4” at the half, but Paqueta nearly came back into the game before ultimately tapping out as “11-16” and a “1-2” in the series.

Tomorrow Paqueta and YNG Sharks will play for a chance to stay in the tournament, while 9z and Bravos Gaming are going to find out the first team in the finals.

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