Copenhagen Flames keep roster for 2022

Rumors are being killed.

Copenhagen Flames announced that the roster will remain unchanged, and all players will play for the team in 2022.

Copenhagen Flames will not have a reshuffle
Copenhagen Flames will not have a reshuffle

Copenhagen Flames shined at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, where they nearly made it towards the playoff. This performance captured the community’s attention, and players became superstars. The result at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was a surprise for every viewer. After the Major Copenhagen Flames won Malta Vibes, showing that they are ready to compete on a high level.

During the Major, rumors about the roster started to appear. According to multiple insiders, Complexity, who have been recently disbanded, planned to buy the roster of Copenhagen Flames. However, today these rumors were killed. Copenhagen Flames keep the players, and Complexity are exploring other options.

According to the last insides, Complexity are going to build a North American roster around Extra Salt core.

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