B1ad3: "We Need More Time for Electronic to Start Feeling Comfortable as IGL"

NAVI coach Andrey B1ad3 Gorodensky answered questions about the team's form and electroNic's progress as a captain in a post-match interview after winning the match with MOUZ at IEM Cologne 2022.

[About rising of electroNic as the captain]
I think he hasn't grown much as a captain since playing at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022. The most positive thing is that he is more involved in controlling the in-game situations throughout the match. Therefore, we need more time for electroNic to start feeling comfortable in this role. He has always been a star player who tried to destroy the opposition's defense.

[About training before the tournament]

We didn't have a lot of training after Lisbon due to personal problems with the players, but we tried to train our weaknesses as much as possible.

[About map lost to MOUZ]

I think we have a weak point - sometimes we lose games where everything depends on us. We start losing rounds instead of just finishing the map. It has more to do with our mentality and the underestimation of opponents during the match. We must constantly perform with a certain concentration and focus on the game.
Andrey B1ad3 Gorodensky

Today, July 8, NAVI will play in the upper bracket semi-finals of group A at IEM Cologne 2022 against NIP at 5:00 PM. We invite you to check the pre-match statistics here.

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