Vitality take down G2 and advance to the grand final of Blast

G2 unexpectedly lose in the semifinal.

The fourth day of the Blast Premier Spring Final has come to an end, and the participants of the grand final have been determined.

In the second semifinal of the tournament, Vitality faced G2.

Vitality enter the grand final
Vitality enter the grand final

The match started with Dust2, picked by Vitality. In the first half, G2 were able to gain an advantage and win 9 rounds. However, after the sides switched, Vitality returned to the game and finished the map 16-13. The second map ended very quickly, G2 destroyed their opponents and won 16-8. On the decisider, the first half was very close and ended 8-7 in favor of G2. The final of the game was dramatic, and G2 could not stop Vitality and lost 16-13.

Vitality will face NaVi in the grand final, and G2 take the 3rd-4th place.

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