Team Vitality sweeps ENCE Esports at EPL S14

Team Vitality sweeps ENCE Esports at EPL S14

An expected victory

A much needed win to start the season.

Team Vitality and ENCE Esports clashed in what was a rematch from Season 13, when Finnish squad unexpectedly took the French team by surprise and eliminated them from contention.

This time it all came down to the wire on Mirage, where ENCE Esports looked to come back from a deficit to force an overtime, but a well-timed mid-to-B split forced them out of position as Team Vitality jumped to an early lead. Back and forth in the first half of Overpass, only three rounds separated both units at the break, but a streak of rounds allowed “ZywOo”’s Vitality to secure the map “16-8” and start Season 14 with a win.

Tomorrow Team Vitality will face off against Bad News Bears, who got annihilated by Heroic earlier today, while ENCE Esports will go against Astralis, who opened EPL with a win over Team Spirit despite their updated lineup.

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