S1mple About IEM Cologne 2022: "It's Just Another Tournament"

Natus Vincere sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev shared his opinion about IEM Cologne 2022. The esportsman also told about how he prepares for matches on the pro scene.

It's just another tournament. It has a great scene. It's just a championship with a great audience. I had three chances to win it.
We had a lot of time to prepare. We are trying to fix all our mistakes. We have many.
Alexander s1mple Kostylev

Kostylev told about the preparation for professional matches:

Because of experience, you know how it's best to prepare for important matches. For example I know how much time I need to spend on the server before a meeting. That's why I don't overplay. I think it's very important.
I stopped playing FPL before important matches. I sometimes overreact to different non-tier-1 players. I think it will work, I can also play an important meeting in the same style as the FPL. You just stand there because you know Loba will come at you (laughs).
Alexander s1mple Kostylev

Earlier, NAVI reached the playoffs of IEM Cologne 2022 and will play in the championship's semi-finals. You can follow the progress of the competition here.

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