OG sign coach to build academy roster

OG have started junior team project.

In February, OG announced the building of the academy system. The plan starts with putting together the junior team, and today this plan has started to be put into practice.

OG announced the signing of Christian "crisby" Schmitt. His main goal is to build the junior team. OG are planning to develop the roster to acquire long-term success. Crispy has already started scouting players for the academy team.

crisby joins OG
crisby joins OG

Previously, crisby was playing for ALTERNATE aTTaX, having multiple stints with a team in the last decade. However, he got the connection with OG by playing in Unicorns of Love. Current OG’s assistant coach, Alexander "kakafu" Szymanczyk was working with UoL.

Now German veteran has to build a competitive academy team and raise young talents for the anon roster.

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