OG overcome NIP to enter Blast Spring Final

OG managed to finish the event without defeats.

The second match in the final round of the Knockout stage at Blast Premier Spring Groups has been finished, and another team to attend Spring Final have been decided.

NIP faced OG, who topped group C with their outstanding performance. NIP made it to the final round after defeating NaVi yesterday.

OG will not take part in Blast Showdown
OG will not take part in Blast Showdown

NIP picked Overpass but weren’t confident on their map. OG destroyed Swedish, letting them win only four rounds.

OG decided to play Ancient, and it was a very close call for NIP. OG did their best to win seven rounds on the T side but didn’t manage to finish the game quickly after the sides switched. Swedish team didn’t give up and overcame their opponents with a score of 16-14.

The map leftover was Mirage, and it was even closer than Ancient. OG struggled on the CT side, winning only seven rounds, and in the second half, NIP started to dominate. However, at the score of 13-7, OG began their comeback to transfer the game into overtime, which they won 19-17.

OG are preparing to perform at Blast Spring Finals while NIP are waiting to face NaVi once again.

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