NIP take the slot in the playoff at IEM Winter 2021

Swedish team sweep Liquid.

The owner of the last spot in the playoff of group A of IEM Winter 2021 is decided. NIP eliminated Liquid in the lower bracket final.

NIP advance to the playoff of IEM Winter 2021
NIP advance to the playoff of IEM Winter 2021

Liquid picked Mirage but couldn’t play their game on this map. NIP dominated the first map in the first half and finished off the American team in the second winning Mirage with a score of 16-6.

The second map was Inferno and it was much more competitive. NIP had problems on the T side after winning 5 rounds in a row. However, the Swedish team didn’t lose their focus and finished the map with a score of 16-12 winning the match.

Liquid leave IEM Winter 2021 while NIP are getting ready for the quarter-finals.