NIP Denies CSPPA Accusations of Non-payment to Players

The NIP headquarters refused to assist the CSPPA in the investigation.

More than a week ago, the network revealed that NIP did not pay players for stickers released in 2020. CSPPA tried to sort out the situation.

Perhaps NIP violated the terms of the contracts
Perhaps NIP violated the terms of the contracts

The position of the NIP is that the money received for the stickers was necessary for the organization to survive and pay the players' salaries. However, according to the results of the CSPPA investigation, it became known that the players of other clubs received a share from the sale of stickers directly due to the contract.

After the association contacted the organization, the management replied that the case had already been closed. CSPPA is interested in resolving this issue in court, but the association needs evidence from players who received less money from the sale of stickers.