Nertz - was the best EPL Season 18 player according to rankings - who were the top 5 players of the tournament?

Nertz - was the best EPL Season 18 player according to rankings - who were the top 5 players of the tournament?

The last tournament in CS:GO has come to its logical conclusion. ESL Pro League Season 18, which lasted more than a month, gave us unforgettable emotions, as well as a drop of nostalgia for a bygone era! That means it's time to take a look at the top 5 best players at the championship.

#1 - NertZ

ENCE team riffler Guy "NertZ" Iluz was the best player of the tournament in terms of rating, as his rating for 13 cards played at the championship was 6.9! It's impossible not to mention that this player is already in our tops for some time already, as he really surprises everyone with his game.


It was NertZ who became his team's strongest riffler, as his rating with assault rifles was 0.390!


Throughout the championship, it was NertZ who distinguished himself with his number of milti kills:

  • Four kills per round - 6 times
  • Triple kills per round - 17 times
  • Double kills per round - 53 times

But, it's still all that, NertZ became the best ventry of the team, his rating on this indicator reached the mark of 0.134!


#2 - SunPayus

Don't stray far from the ENCE team! Team sniper Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia was the second best player in the championship. And his average rating for the 13 maps played was 6.7! To say that it is a pleasure to watch him play is to say nothing. After all, he is one of the best snipers on the planet.

It is noteworthy that SunPayus and NertZ have the same values in the statistics of the first kills on the map, namely 0.134.


It is impossible not to mention the perfect game of grenades from the Spanish sniper. In this indicator he became the best among his team!


In general and overall, SunPayus once again had a great tournament individually. And took his team to the semifinals of the tournament. He also wrote himself forever in the history of CS:GO, who came and immediately began to destroy all his opponents!


#3 - s1mple

The sniper of the Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev takes the honorable third place in the top of the best players of the tournament by rating! Alexander's rating for 13 cards played amounted to 6.6! He became the best player of his team at the championship, which is not surprising.


By the way, it was s1mple who was the team's best ventri, and his rating in that metric was 0.140!


And also s1mple at EPL Season 18 used grenades the best among his teammates and his rating was 0.027.


As always, s1mple had a great tournament individually. Obviously, he can't reveal himself 100% yet, as Natus Vincere has a relatively new roster. Even so, s1mple led his team to the championship final and also set a fat point for himself in CS:GO.


#4 - frozen

And what is the top of the best players of the tournament without the MVP of the championship? That's right, it can't be, so meet Slovakian riffler of MOUZ team David "frozen" Čerňanský! frozen finished the tournament with an average rating of 6.4, which is the best among his team.

It is noteworthy that MOUZ team played 22 maps in the tournament.


It should be noted that the percentage of kills to the head of frozen was only 49.8%, which did not prevent him from becoming the best riffler at the tournament.

The Slovakian also managed to mark the following multi-kill rates:

  • 4 kills per round - 1 time
  • 3 kills per round - 29 times 
  • 2 kills per round - 81 times

And frozen also distinguished himself with the number of his clutches:

  • One vs. four - 1 time
  • One vs. three - 1 time
  • One vs. two - 3 times
  • One vs. one - 5 times

In general and in general frozen proved again to everyone that perseverance and hard work will overcome everything!


#5 - torzsi

And to summarize our top we would like to summarize MOUZ team sniper Adam "torzsi" Torzas, who literally in every game he played just gave his opponents a nightmare, especially in the final against NAVI. Because wherever NAVI goes they go - torzsi is right there and ready to take his opponents down. His rating for 22 cards played was 6.4!


It is worth noting that torzsi was the best at using grenades among his teammates, his rating in this case was 0.055!


Also torzsi's kills were the most expensive among his co-commanders, namely each kill cost 7308!


Although torzsi rarely appears in the tops, but if he does, he is very accurate! We are waiting for this coolest sniper in CS2 and wish him good luck there!


We would like to remind you that today MOUZ team defeated Natus Vincere team 3:0 in the final of ESL Pro League Season 18! Read more about the victory here.

Team MOUZ became the champion of ESL Pro League Season 18 and won $200,000, as well as direct invites to:

The championship playoff grid ended on this note:

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