Mouz vs. Astralis in IEM Cologne Quarter-Finals – Who Will Win?

At 4:30 PM, the first of two IEM Cologne quarter-finals starts. MOUZ surprised their fans by eliminating three worthy teams from the tournament, but Astralis should not be totally ignored as an opponent.

The success of Astralis should be treated with skepticism. During IEM Cologne, they defeated FURIA, who was on the decline, frankly unstable Cloud9. After that, they lost to FaZe Clan, not without a good fight, but still. There is a factor of k0nfig falling out of the game and a very average performance of farlig on the role of a sniper, as for a tier-1 level. It often happens that all the hard work goes to blameF, who is not always able to win matches by himself, making 30+ kills.

MOUZ inspires a little more confidence by playing a close streak with NAVI, followed by a winning streak, eliminating Heroic, Vitality, and NIP from the tournament.

MOUZ and Astralis shape
MOUZ and Astralis shape

The teams have not played against each other for the past six months.

If you look at the map statistics, it becomes obvious that MOUZ is more ready to adapt their game to the opponent, being a more flexible team for map veto. On the other hand, Astralis can only focus on Overpass and Nuke confidently, with Nuke being one of the strongest maps for the Mice.

MOUZ vs Astralis. maps stats
MOUZ vs Astralis. maps stats

Looking back at the above, we can count on a won series for MOUZ with a score of 2:1. For more information about the pre-match statistics, please follow the link.

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