Jackinho becomes free agent

Fnatic release benched AWPer.

Jackinho will have to find a new home
Jackinho will have to find a new home

Jackinho becomes a free agent as fnatic show better results with the new roster.

Jack “⁠Jackinho” Ström Mattsson joined fnatic as main AWPer at the beginning of 2021. The team slipped down to the top-30 while a Swedish player was on the roster. Jackinho didn’t show high results during the 12 events he played at.

Jackinho was replaced by smooya on October 15th. Smooya was signed on trial and the Swedish sniper became inactive. Fnatic has shown better results in the recent time winning Dreamhack Open November 2021. As fnatic continue to shine organization decided to release Jackinho. Swedish sniper now has an opportunity to find a new team.

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