"Xizt" to coach Heroic at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

A return of the legend.

A first time coach.

Utilizing their analyst during the rift with “HUNDEN’, Heroic players felt as if they needed a different person behind them during PGL Major Stockholm 2021, as for everyone besides “cadiaN” it is going to be the first Major event of such a magnitude.

Ultimately Heroic chose a person with even more accolades than they have, as “Xizt” will be coaching the Danish team during the Swedish event. The hometown hero has recently retired from the competition after winning nearly every trophy possible with Ninjas in Pyjamas, fnatic, Dignitas and FaZe Clan. Now it is going to be about his first venture into coaching, where the famous in-game leader can utilize his knowledge to make a very talented team adapt on the fly and make the run through the brackets.

Heroic will start their campaign against TYLOO later next week in the first stage of the Swiss system, needing six series to advance to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs.

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