Hampus After Nip’s Victory Over Heroic: “We Will Definitely Reach the Playoffs”

The captain of Ninjas in Pajamas Hampus hampus Poser shared his expectations from the tournament. The esportsman shared his opinion after defeating Heroic at IEM Cologne 2022.

I think we will definitely make the playoffs. We had a period of chaos. We often changed players but always made the playoffs. So now that we have a stable lineup, it should be easier. At the Major, we lost only to Natus Vincere and FaZe. Both with a score of 1:2. Perhaps we were just unlucky.
Now we beat Heroic. They are also a very good team. I think we show what we are capable of. Let's continue in the same spirit.
Hampus hampus Poser

NiP started their performance in Group A at IEM Cologne 2022 with a victory over Heroic. In the next match, the team of Hampus hampus Poser will fight with the strongest of the NAVI - MOUZ pair.

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