Groove leaves sporting director position in Gambit.

Groove wants to focus on coaching.

Russian-based teams are currently in the spotlight. Rumors and news about CIS teams appear every day, and today Gambit announced another change in their structure.

Gambit reported that Konstantin "groove" Pikiner leaves the sporting director position but remains a coach of the roster. According to the organization, the decision was made by both sides, and groove expressed the desire to focus on coaching. The position of a sporting director is currently vacant in Gambit.

groove leaves the management position in Gambit
groove leaves the management position in Gambit

This news partly confirms the recent rumor about the Gambit roster being on sale. Two days ago, Overdrive reported that Gambit moved their lineup to the transfer list. Earlier, other insiders shred the information about sponsors leaving Gambit, and it might be the reason to sell the roster.

However, according to Escorenews, Gambit got offers from other organizations but refused to sell players.

Gambit lineup are going to take part in ESL Pro League under the Players tag.

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