Gambit sweep Heroic at Blast Premier World Final

CIS team advance to the upper semifinal.

The second match of the opening round has been finished. Gambit have predictably beaten Heroic, who were playing with a stand-in.

Gambit advance ti the upper semifinal
Gambit advance ti the upper semifinal

Inferno was picked by Heroic and the first half was a disaster for the Danish team. Heroic were able to take only one round on the T side. They tried to come back but Gambit denied this attempt and finished the first map with a score of 16-11.

The first half of Vertigo was much more competitive and Gambit even lost their T side with a score of 7-8. However, they were much stronger on the CT side and Heroic didn’t have any chance to win. Vertigo has been finished with a score of 16-10 in favor of Gambit.

Gambit are preparing to face Liquid in the upper semifinal while Heroic are falling to the lower bracket where they will meet NaVi.

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