Gambit overcome Faze at IEM Winter 2021

European mix was eliminated from the tournament.

Another team from the top-10 leave IEM Winter 2021. FaZe were beaten by Gambit in the lower semi-final.

Gambit advance to the lower bracket final
Gambit advance to the lower bracket final

FaZe weren’t confident enough on their Inferno. However, Gambit didn’t use Europeans’ lack of confidence to achieve the advantage, and FaZe managed to come back to win the first map with a score of 16-13.

The second map was the longest game of the tournament. Gambit seized the early advantage and reached the match point but FaZe won 5 rounds in a row to go to overtime. And the winner of the map was decided in the third overtime of the map. Gambit finished the game with a score of 25-22 to transfer the match to the third map.

And after the win in overtime Gambit were super confident and destroyed their opponent with a score of 16-10 to win the match.

While FaZe are leaving the tournament, Gambit are preparing for fnatic to fight for the spot in the playoff.

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