G2 enter the semifinals of Blast Spring Final

The matches of Group A have come to a close.

The match for the first place of Group A at Blast Premier Spring Final has come to an end, and the first semi-finalist of the tournament has been determined.

In the match for the first place, G2 faced FaZe. Both teams won their first matches.

G2 take down FaZe
G2 take down FaZe

On Inferno, picked by G2, FaZe showed domination in the first half, winning 13 rounds. After the sides switched, G2 could not return to the game and lost the map 16-7. However, on the second map, the fight was more competitive, and G2 won 9 rounds on the CT side. In the second half, the game was very close, but G2 still managed to finish 16-13. And on the decider, they did not give any chance to their opponents, winning 16-5.

G2 go to the semifinals, and FaZe will start the playoffs from the quarterfinals.