G2, CPH Flames finish Day 1 with the wins

Two convincing victories.

The beginning of the second round.

With the first round of the second stage at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being in the books, it was time to start the second to split the teams into three brackets before switching to tomorrow.

FaZe Clan started strong on Mirage against G2 Esports, as they got ahead “4-2”, but the French-Balkan mix fired back on their offence with the nine consecutive rounds to get “11-4” ahead. Adding a pistol round and the conversion to that brought G2 close to the finish line and despite the late comeback attempt by FaZe Clan, it was too late, as G2 Esports finished the day “2-0” with a “16-7” win.

Copenhagen Flames, despite their shaky start against the aforementioned G2 Esports, pushed forward against Evil Geniuses, as they only allowed the North American team to pick two rounds in the first half on Nuke. That was more than enough for the Danes to close the map out with a “16-2” win, improving to “1-1” in Stockholm.

With six more games to be played at the Swedish event tonight, the second round is only beginning.