G2 and FURIA started off the EPL S17 playoffs with a win

G2 and FURIA started off the EPL S17 playoffs with a win

The first pair of teams have left the tournament, finishing in 13-16th place.

The winners of the first two matches of the 1/16 finals of ESL Pro League Season 17 have been announced, guaranteeing themselves at least 9-12th place in the tournament. G2 easily defeated Movistar Riders from Spain, while FURIA proved to be stronger than Fnatic.

Despite the efforts of sniper Martinez, G2, as one of the strongest teams in the world at the moment, easily dealt with their opponents. Even after banning their signature map Nuke, Movistar Riders didn't look threatening on their own or their opponent's map pick, especially on the T-side of Inferno.

The MVP of this bo3 went to Australian player jks, who doesn't often become the top fragger with players like NiKo and m0NESY on the team. However, today his statistics of 46-23 and a rating of 7.3 were unmatched.


While it was clear from the beginning with G2, predicting the outcome of the FURIA - Fnatic match was a bit more difficult. However, this time the classic approach with aggression from the Brazilians worked 100%. The only player who had a positive K/D for Fnatic was nicoodoz, but he was outperformed by KSCERATO in terms of rating.


Tomorrow, March 22nd, FURIA and G2 will face FaZe and ENCE in Ro12, respectively, at 16:30 and 20:00.

Right now, two other pairs are playing live: NAVI - 00NATION and PaiN - Liquid.

Remember that the results of previous matches, intermediate player statistics, and the schedule of future matches can be found on the tournament page.