ALEX, mezii join Fnatic

ALEX, mezii join Fnatic

A much-needed fresh start

Fnatic have announced their new lineup.

There is little left from the last championship winning team, as "KRIMZ” and “Brollan” are the only ones, who played during the most recent Fnatic’s rise to the number one. Ex-captain “Golden” is now gone, so is the star AWPer “JW”, but it was about time for drastic changes in Swedish squad’s camp.

Final at cs_summit 7 being the only decent placement after adding “Jackinho” was not enough for Fnatic, as organisation decided to rehaul the entire lineup, while moving away from full-Swedish lineup and going international.

Former captain of Team Vitality and Cloud9, “ALEX” is going to be the captain of the team, which is seeking to find its identity, while another British player, “mezii” will play for the third organisation in 2021, moving away from both C9 and Endpoint before joining Fnatic.

It remains to be seen if Fnatic are going to be competitive from the very beginning, but we will be able to catch first glimpses during ESL Pro League Season 14, where European giants are pitted with likes of Natus Vincere, mousesports, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan and BIG. Snatching a playoffs spot is likely going to be considered a massive success, but realistic goal is qualifying for PGL Major Stockholm, so Fnatic will keep their Major streak alive.

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