The FaZe Analyst Believes That Signing Headtr1ck May Not Help NIP

The FaZe Analyst Believes That Signing Headtr1ck May Not Help NIP

Innersh1ne is not confident about the NIP results.

Vyacheslav innersh1ne Brytvyn expressed his opinion in Telegram about the signing of Daniil headtr1ck Valitov by NIP.

The FaZe analyst believes that for headtr1ck, signing in NIP is a great event.

An excellent chance for Daniil to show himself on the tier-1 stage, especially in an international team outside the CIS. He will receive lots of experience, and the player is very promising. Many people (including me) will carefully monitor his development.
Vyacheslav innersh1ne Britvin

However, innersh1ne does not believe that a new player can save NIP.

But for NIP, it could be another unstable season. Because the development of the NiP's roster has changed many times in the last two years. Consistency and logic were clearly lacking during many actions and transfers. Although headtr1ck's signature is NIP's first cool move in a long time, I still feel anxious about it.
Vyacheslav innersh1ne Britvin

The Past Year Has Been Terrible For NIP

At the end of 2021, NIP lost its main asset Nikolai dev1ce Reedtz. Thus, the team was left without a sniper and didn't find him for the whole year. First, the club tried a sniper from the academies, after which Patrick es3tag Hansen took AWP, and Fredrik REZ Sterner came after. And the role didn't suit them.

This was reflected in the results: in 2022, the team did not earn championships and often did not even reach the playoffs.

What Transfers Did NIP Make In 2022?

In 2022, Ninjas in Pajamas added two players to the main team: Ludwig Brollan Brolin and Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen. Both transfers have not added the sniper to the lineup. However, despite this, these replacements still solved some problems.

In the spring of 2022, the team made a bet on es3tag as a sniper, so they decided to sign a strong rifleman. And Brollan showed excellent performance. His average rating was 6.5.

Brollan's statistics
Brollan's statistics

The signing of Brollan by NIP significantly increased the firepower, which helped the team to solve one of the problems: the lack of a good rifleman, but more was needed.

As a result, the team signed Aleksib for the role of captain. And at first glance, the solution looked terrible. The team already has a captain Hampus Hampus Poser, but there is no stable sniper, and the club signed a captain. However, if you look at this transfer a little deeper, you can understand what problem it solves.

Hampus, in addition to the role of IGL, also excelled in the role of rifler. The player performed at the highest level. His individual performance was much better than other captains. And the captaincy shackled him. Therefore, it was decided to change IGL.

This solution significantly improved the performance of hampus. His rating at the next tournament was 7.4. Now the firepower of the riflemen was enough.

Hampus's stats on RMR for IEM Rio Major
Hampus's stats on RMR for IEM Rio Major

Therefore, one cannot agree with innersh1ne - NIP solved the composition problems. Still, they didn't set priorities correctly, or they could not find a suitable sniper.

Will Signing Headtr1ck Solve the Last Problem?

Technically, with the signing of headtr1ck by NIP, the team was built without flaws, but this does not mean that the team will immediately become the best in the world.

Now the results of the team depend entirely on Aleksib and the coach. There are the strongest players in each role in NIP, and the club's results will depend on how the game of these stars will be structured.

When Will NIP Play In a New Lineup?

For Ninjas in Pajamas, the season will begin on January 19 with the start of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. All information about the event is on its page and in our materials.

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