FalleN: "Major In Rio Is the Moment When All Players From Brazil Should Peak"

The captain of Imperial spoke about the upcoming Major.

The next Major will be IEM Rio, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro. This will be the first such event to be held in Brazil. Gabriel FalleN Toledo shared his thoughts on this on the OG Monkey Business Show podcast.

FalleN spoke about the Major in Rio
FalleN spoke about the Major in Rio

First, FalleN spoke about the problems with organizing a tournament at a football stadium.

It may be difficult for ESL to agree on this, but I guarantee there would be a lot of people. It's incredible. This is not possible in any other country.
Gabriel FalleN Toledo

The Imperial player also shared his feelings about hosting the Major in his home country.

I think it will be the best Major in history. The Major in Rio is the moment when all the players in Brazil should peak. <…> Performing in front of your audience is the dream of any Brazilian player.
Gabriel FalleN Toledo

Imperial has already been invited to the American RMR tournament.

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