ENCE defeat FaZe; Spirit overcome FURIA

Two Challengers win their matches.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Legends Stage continues, and two more matches of the first round have ended.

In the first confrontation, ENCE faced FaZe. ENCE has already passed the Challengers Stage, while FaZe got into the Legends directly.

In the first half of the Mirage, ENCE showed an excellent level of performance and won 10 rounds. In the second half, the situation did not change and FaZe lost their first map at the Major 16-8. Spinx again showed the highest rating - 8.3.

ENCE continue to win
ENCE continue to win

In the second match, Spirit faced FURIA.

FURIA won the first half of Nuke with a score of 10-5. However, after the sides switched, the CIS team destroyed their rivals without giving them a chance, and finished the map 16-12. Patsi was the best player of the match with a 6.9 rating.

Spirit and ENCE win their first Legends Stage matches, while FURIA and FaZe fall to 0-1.

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