Eight Ways to Make Money On CS:GO In 2023: Simple To Forbidden

Eight Ways to Make Money On CS:GO In 2023: Simple To Forbidden

Computer games are a hobby for many and a job for some. Over many years, the industry has formed a whole market equal to the automobile market. There are also resellers, schemers, etc. Cover.gg offers you to familiarize yourself with several current ways of making money on CS:GO in 2023.

#1. Investments

The laziest way to make money on CS:GO is investing in cases and stickers. The scheme is very simple: you have some starting capital, buy various cases or stickers and leave them in the inventory until better times. Then, you wait for your purchased items to become more pricy and sell them. That's passive income. This way, you can multiply your capital several times, sometimes several hundred times.

#2. CS:GO Farms

For this method of making money on CS:GO, you will need several Steam accounts. The more accounts, the more profit. Every week, a case arrives on your account after the game. Cases could come both from a general drop and from a partial limit. Thus, the cost of a single case can reach $60.

CS:GO weapon case
CS:GO weapon case

Another option is the "operations." When the developers add an "operation" to the game, you buy a pass and start going through it, farm a drop, and sell it on trading platforms. More accounts, more "operations," more dropped items. Profit.

#3. Classic trade

The scheme is straightforward. You directly exchange items with an interested person and earn money from a profitable exchange. You can find people willing to barter on sites with classified boards, for example, csgotraders. Making money this way will be more challenging on a regular resale. Still, if a person is interested in your item, they will be ready to overpay.

#4. Trade with roulettes

Trading with roulette sites is a rather complicated and dangerous but profitable business. It is necessary to bring an item from some platform, for example, Steam, to a roulette site and profitably bring it back. Each of these sites generates prices in its own way, and as a rule, prices for the same items may differ on different portals. In the case of roulette, this difference is extremely high, allowing you to earn from 10% to 30% of net profit in one round, including all commissions. Such high earnings are accompanied by the scheme's complexity: a large amount of manual work, as well as risks — paying off the balance, the possibility of a ban on the roulette site, and a significant drop in prices. If you are starting to earn money on CS:GO or have encountered this method of earning for the first time, do it for a small part of your bank.

M4A4: Desolated Space
M4A4: Desolated Space

#5. Trade on trading platforms

Another risky but profitable way to increase your capital with CS:GO. Despite the scheme's simplicity, the risks are much more significant than the previous. You can sell or buy your items for real money on trading platforms. Prices on such sites often coincide with prices on Steam. Some items are more expensive on third-party marketplaces, and people buy them. The method is really simple: you purchase an item for 20-30% cheaper in Steam and sell it on a third-party trading platform, thereby earning this 20-30%. If you do not have trading experience, avoid using this method since most items will be bought from you by bots of blocked opencast sites and roulettes. Thus, you risk getting banned from accessing the trading platform in Steam and exchanging items.

#6. Amateur CS:GO tournaments

Only some people can become a professional players in CS:GO. However, for fans of Valve's shooter, plenty of services hold amateur tournaments 5x5, 2x2, and 1x1. The scheme is simple: register for the championship, win matches and receive prizes. In some competitions, players might be rewarded with skins, and in others, with real money.

#7. Betting on CS:GO

If you watch a lot of esports matches and are inclined to analyze what is happening, you can make money on bets. Such an income option is very risky and should be something other than a priority. Today, there are many bookmakers accepting bets not only in cash but also in skins. If you want to take a chance, go ahead!

AWP: Dragon lore
AWP: Dragon lore

#8. Boosting CS:GO accounts

If you are a real badass and have a great skill in CS:GO, but participation in tournaments doesn't suit you, then as an option, you can do account boosting. Boost is fast profile development for money. For example, you could earn by boosting levels or ranks on FaceIt. There are also portals where you can get a job as a booster. Here, earnings will depend solely on you.

Being a fan of CS:GO and spending a lot of time at the computer, you can combine the useful with the pleasant: play your favorite shooter with friends and earn money. This material proves that it is possible to make money on CS:GO in 2023 without being an esports player. Good luck!

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