CS2 Calibration Guide: How to Boost Your Rating

CS2 Calibration Guide: How to Boost Your Rating

In Counter-Strike 2 developers have redesigned the "Premier" mode and added CS Rating. In this article Bo3.gg will tell you how calibration in CS2 takes place and how to get the maximum rating.

What is calibration in CS2 and why it is needed?

Calibration is a special procedure that determines the rating of a player. In order to successfully complete the calibration, you need to win 10 matches in the "Premier" mode. Upon completion of this procedure, the player is assigned an ELO rating.

All newcomers who wish to participate in the Premier mode are calibrated in CS2. In addition, it is also performed by experienced players at the beginning of each game season.


How to calibrate in CS2?

The calibration procedure in CS2 is very simple. In order to get your rating, you need to win 10 matches in Premier mode. Each game played directly affects your final rating. You can roughly estimate it by paying attention to the rating of your teammates and opponents, if they have already completed the calibration (you will get a similar rating when the calibration is completed). The number of matches played to complete the calibration can be tracked in the Premier mode window.


After winning 10 matches in Premier mode, your account will automatically be assigned an ELO rating. This number can range from 0 to 20,000 or more. How to achieve the maximum rating during calibration, we'll look at next.

How to get the maximum rating in CS2 after calibration

Valve doesn't reveal the formula for calculating CS2 rating, so our information is the conclusions of a lot of people who have already tested themselves and shared their experiences online.

First of all, defeats do the most damage to your final rating in calibration. So if the result is important, take it seriously.

Second, don't calibrate alone if you have the opportunity. A group of two or more people is likely to get a higher rating than solo players, precisely because of the communication between each other. If you have no friends, or no one online, then communication is your solution. CS2, like all other shooters in the series, is first and foremost a game about communication. And there you will find new friends.

Thirdly, try to demonstrate a high level of play in every fight. Final ELO depends not only on wins and losses in matches, but also on additional factors: individual performance, statistics of teammates and opponents, rating of teammates and opponents (if they are already calibrated).

Account recalibration in CS2

At the time of publication, CS2 has a seasonal rating system, which means that at the beginning of each season all players' ratings are reset. At that point, players have to calibrate and re-calibrate their ratings. The recalibration process is similar to a regular calibration where you have to win 10 matches in Premier mode and then your rating will be recalculated.

During recalibration, players can raise or lower their previous rating depending on the outcome of the calibration matches. The final score will be calculated based on your previous ranking.

Comparison of CS:GO ranks and CS2 rankings

After the introduction of the new ranking system with ELO points, users have a question: "what amount of ELO in CS2 will correspond to my rank in CS:GO?". By studying the table below you will be able to answer this question.


CS Rating is something new for the shooter from Valve. Everyone, from casual to professional players, immediately went to undergo calibration and get the coveted ELO. Read more about the new rating system in the material.

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