Coalesce returns to CS with new roster

Coalesce signed the perspective lineup.

Coalesce have disbanded their roster in 2021, but today the organization has announced their return.

Coalesce announced signing the roster headlined by Jack "⁠Jackinho⁠" Ström Mattsson. At the start of the year was rumored to join NIP to replace Love "⁠phzy⁠" Smidebrant, but this news confirmed that it didn’t work out. Jackinho was released by fnatic in November 2021 and hasn’t been able to find the team since then. And the decision of taking part in building the roster might be beneficial for him.

Jackinho returns to the scene
Jackinho returns to the scene

However, Jackinho is not the only player who attended tier-1 events. Pere "⁠sausol⁠" Solsona Saumell was benched by MAD Lions in December and was looking for the team since then. Sausol didn’t underperform in his previous teams but wasn’t suitable for the roster. The other three players were mostly taking part in tier-3 and local events.

Current Coalesce roster: Jack "⁠Jackinho⁠" Ström Mattsson, Robin "⁠robiin⁠" Sjögren, Tim "⁠Mann3n⁠" Isak, Thomas "⁠Thomas⁠" Utting, Pere "⁠sausol⁠" Solsona Saumell, Mihajlo "⁠feedme⁠" Petrović (coach).

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