10 best CS2 instant smokes on Mirage and how to bind them

10 best CS2 instant smokes on Mirage and how to bind them

With the arrival of CS2, the grenade lineups on maps have changed, and now, to remain the 'king of Mirage,' you have to learn all the instant smokes for the window again! We've gathered 10 instant smokes for the window on Mirage just for you!

Firstly, let's understand the binds we need for these smokes. The Jumpthrow bind isn't that necessary anymore since Valve added it to the game (when you release the grenade while jumping, it will always fly the same way without pressing additional buttons). But for the old-school users of the Jumpthrow bind, we'll include it here.


Binds we need:

  • alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;" alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2" alias "-jumpaction" "-jump" bind "KEY" "+jumpaction;+throwaction;" (Bind for Jumpthrow)
  • alias "+runthrow" "+forward;+jump;" alias "-runthrow" "-jump;-forward" bind "KEY" "+runthrow;+throwaction" (Bind for Walkthrow - it's just one step, then a jump with the release of the grenade)

To make it easier for you to practice grenades, we added a setpos for each spawn, which you just need to paste into the console to find yourself at the right spot!

First spawn

The first spawn is closest to the A apartments. To throw a smoke, aim at the small black dot as shown in the photo and simply use the Walkthrow bind!

Spawn 1: setpos 1376.000000 -304.000000 -153.906189;setang -31.970390 -173.095184 0.000000


Second spawn

First, make sure you have the second spawn. Pay attention to the staircase behind you; its right edge should be close to you. Then, aim at the top of the paint protrusion over the fence (the paint protrusion looks like a triangle) and use the Walkthrow bind.

Spawn 2: setpos 1376.000000 -208.000000 -149.926956;setang -30.106964 -171.253052 0.000000


Third spawn

On the third spawn, you are to the left of the staircase. All you need to do is aim at the top left part of the window and throw the smoke with Walkthrow.

Spawn 3: setpos 1376.000000 -112.000000 -149.902557;setang -34.187962 -169.067566 0.000000


Fourth spawn

Just like in CS:GO, this spawn always had its challenges, and CS2 hasn't fixed that. First, you should see a trash can next to you as shown in the photo, and then you're in the right spot.

Next, while holding ctrl, you aim as shown in the photo and walk straight until your crosshair touches the spot on the carpet, as shown in the second photo. After that, you do a regular Jumpthrow.

Spawn 4: setpos 1376.000000 -16.000000 -153.906189;setang -32.637779 -167.554626 0.000000


Fifth spawn

The fifth spawn is on the central line of the terrorists' respawn point, but it also has the first access to point A. To throw this smoke, find the black dot and move your aim slightly to the left of it, then use Walkthrow, and the smoke is ready!

Spawn 5: setpos 1296.000000 -352.000000 -153.906189;setang -39.393188 -174.176895 0.000000"


Sixth Spawn

The sixth spawn is located slightly to the right of the fifth one. You can use the trash bags as a main landmark since you stand right before them. To throw a smoke, find the black point as shown in the photo and just press "Walkthrow".

Spawn 6: setpos 1296.000000 -256.000000 -153.906189; setang -38.453747 -172.315765 0.000000


Seventh Spawn

This spot can be accurately described as the middle of the terrorists' spawn; use the door behind you for reference. To throw a smoke, you need to find the thickest railing, aim as shown in the photo so it's to your left, and simply throw using "Walkthrow".

Spawn 7: setpos 1296.000000 -160.000000 -103.968750; setang -38.902626 -169.438614 0.000000


Eighth Spawn

Slightly to the right of the previous spawn, with the main landmark being the letter A! To throw this smoke, simply aim as shown in the video and throw the smoke using "Walkthrow".

Spawn 8: setpos 1296.000000 -64.000000 -153.906189; setang -28.274370 -168.031006 0.000000


Ninth Spawn

This spawn is also to the right of the previous one and is considered one of the closest to mid. You can use the electrical panels in front of you as landmarks. You need to aim at the corner of this little balcony, and your smoke will be in the window in a few seconds, don't forget to use "Walkthrow"!

Spawn 9: setpos 1296.000000 32.000000 -153.930603; setang -28.951996 -165.981461 0.000000


Tenth Spawn

The landmark for this spawn is the shadow underneath you. You simply have to aim as shown in the photo and "Walkthrow"!

Spawn 10: setpos 1216.000000 -16.000000 -102.950439; setang -17.545004 -165.114944 0.000000


Grenades can be incredibly beneficial in your competitive games. And sometimes, they can just simplify your game. If your goal is to reach the pinnacle of esports, knowing how to use grenades is one of the first indicators of what separates a good player from a bad one! Good luck in your next matches!

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