Mopoz About Movistar Riders: "After the Break We Will Be Stronger"

Movistar Riders player Alejandro mopoz Cano spoke about how the team plans to keep in shape. Cyberpostman also shared his opinion on the development of CS: GO in Spain.

We need to relax; after the break, 100% will have a boot camp. Usually, we are good at the beginning and end of the season, but in the middle, we have problems. So we're going to focus on that. After the break, we will be stronger.
Alejandro mopoz Cano

Cano spoke about Spain's professional CS: GO scene and its development.

I think it's very hard right now. Even if there are talented players, they need an environment [to grow] - we don't have enough tournaments in Spain. I didn't expect my teammates to be in such good shape. I think we will have a good scene, but it will take a few years.
Alejandro mopoz Cano

Movistar Riders showed incredible form, won the ESL Challenger Valencia 2022, and placed 3rd-4th at IEM Cologne 2022.