nafany wants Tuscan and Cache back but it is unlikely in 2021

nafany wants Tuscan and Cache back but it is unlikely in 2021

Map rotation is a double-edged sword

Competitive map pool is a thing of beauty.

Different maps are what defines teams. The best teams are locking down their own picks, demolish opposition on their own ones and can dictate the pace of the match through the veto.

Gambit Esports, arguably the best team of 2021 so far, are more than capable of playing six maps in the pool - noone wants to play Vertigo against them, they are excellent on Mirage, Overpass and Dust2, Inferno is never easy and while they don’t play Nuke, Train or Ancient is entirely different story. That’s about 5 maps where they are going to be favoured against nearly everybody.

Gambit Esports's captain, “Nafany” has recently said that he would be in favour of expanding the map pool to at least nine maps, mentioning that he is a big fan of both Tuscan and Cache. Latter was removed from rotation few years ago but never came back despite receiving a rework, former never got any play in CS:GO, despite being one of the most legendary locations back to CS 1.6.

There are still likes of Cobblestone and some other maps, which could easily bring the rotation to double digits, but the risk is clear. More playgrounds means less preparation and unless the veto system changes, quality of play is inevitably going to drop. 

Therefore for now the map pool will likely stay at seven maps and teams like Gambit Esports are going to benefit from it and keep being on top of the mountain.

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