G2 Advance to the Upper Bracket Final in Flashpoint 3

G2 Advance to the Upper Bracket Final in Flashpoint 3

After going against NIP, G2 was the one who ended up victorious, allowing the team to advance to Flashpoint 3 upper final.

G2 is a team that has shown impressive growth recently, and this improvement was obvious in their match with NIP. The team members had an outstanding performance, particularly François "⁠AmaNEk⁠" Delaunay. Against NIP, the player put up a 1.18 rating during the series.

NIP chose Dust2, which was surprising as it was one of their least played maps. However, this worked out in their favor, as they were the dominant team for a good part of the game. NIP’s hampus was a huge obstacle in the way for G2. In the end, though, G2 took the victory.

After the match, nexa talked about his team and how much they progressed lately. “We have NiKoAWPing on some maps and AmaNEk on some, and it's very difficult, it's not like you can just flip a switch and become a rifler after AWPing for two maps in a row,” he said. “We're trying to work it out piece by piece, map by map, to put everyone in their comfort zone and put them in their proper roles,” he added.

After this victory, G2 will have to face mousesports next.