FURIA and MIBR take spots at PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The first two spots at the Major have been distributed.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Americas RMR is progressing, and two first spots have been distributed.

FURIA and MIBR finished the event with a 3-0 record, winning their last matches today.

MIBR faced Imperial. Both teams had 2-0 on their record.

The Brazilian derby was long-lasting and competitive. Imperial picked Inferno and didn’t struggle with winning it, finishing it 16-12. However, Fallen’s squad were destroyed on Vertigo, picked by MIBR. The second map ended 16-8. And the last map wasn’t hard for MIBR. They seized an early advantage on Nuke and finished the map 16-10.

FURIA take the spot in the Legends stage
FURIA take the spot in the Legends stage

FURIA encountered Complexity.

This match was much less competitive. FURIA didn’t give any chance to their opponents on the first map, destroying 16-7. However, Complexity showed resistance in the second game, but it was not enough, and FURIA won Vertigo 16-11.

FURIA and MIBR will fight for the Legends spot in the BO3 tiebreaker.