Chopper About w0nderful: "He Will Definitely Be a Tier-1 Player"

Team Spirit captain Leonid chopper Vishnyakov shared his opinion about the team's performance at IEM Cologne 2022. The esportsman also praised the team's newcomer Igor w0nderful Zhdanov.

I think the game against FaZe Clan in the group stage of IEM Cologne 2022 was good. We played with the new line-up against the top 1 team in the world and showed that we could outplay them in shooting and some decisions. For me, this is a good indicator that we can fight with such teams. We can win. It just takes time.
Leonid chopper Vishnyakov

Vishnyakov summed up the results of the performance of the updated line-up and separately of the team's newcomer.

I liked how we spent this time together. I liked the focus on training, the atmosphere, and our shape. Almost everything worked. There were three practices on Ancient before the tournament. As a result, we have been playing it since the first meeting - and quite confidently. This is an indicator that there is good potential and a lot of work needs to be done.
This tournament is successful for us at the moment, and if we draw conclusions and do them, we can be stronger. And it is true. W0nderful showed unrealistic potential, in my opinion. He will definitely be a tier-1 player, in the top five snipers in the world for sure. This is a very strong guy.
Leonid chopper Vishnyakov

IEM Cologne 2022 took place from 5 to 17 July in Cologne, Germany. The prize pool amounted to $1 million. Team Spirit finished the tournament in 9th-12th place and earned $16,000.