G2 Esports win Battle of Betway 2021

The last event before the Major.

A fun tournament to spend time on.

Five teams sponsored by Betway such as G2 Esports, MIBR, FURIA Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas and BIG, have faced each other in the Battle of Betway 2021, playing on such vintage maps as old Inferno, Cache, Cobblestone, Train and Tuscan.

G2 Esports nearly completed  a comeback on Cache against FURIA Esports, but even that “11-13” loss turned out to be their only one in the group stage, as the European team advanced straight to the grand finals. Both Brazilian teams advanced to the semifinals as well, since NiP could not finish the job against BIG, while leading “12-4” on Cache, ending up with a draw. MIBR, however, did not stop in the semifinals, as they swept FURIA Esports on Inferno, making it to the final match of the event. There on Cobblestone, MIBR led “10-4” but a late rally by G2 Esports allowed them to force the overtime, where they finally prevailed, “16-13” to win the tournament.

With four of the five participants getting ready to play at PGL Major Stockholm, this event was the last stop before the main event of the year.